Paid Marketing

Saffron Tech analyzes all the available opportunities for paid marketing advertising to create the perfect blend of display, social, search and contextual advertising campaigns that will hit all the vital performance indicators and raise the bottom line. We help you get creative and develop a paid marketing strategy that is streamlined and goes beyond the regular ad campaigns.

Paid marketing services basically help you reach your customers through paid medium. We offer a cost effective paid medium that helps you achieve your goals swiftly. Consumer intent plays a significant role in this and searched keywords are the best way to determine the intent of your consumers. We are focused on the next step of paid search scenario that is to understand the intent of delivering and experiences that generates revenue.

Paid marketing is the need of the hour as:

  • Dedication to internet advertising is around 24% of the global advertising market
  • About 51% of all the clicks that comes from paid search marketing have been made primarily on mobile devices
  • Approximately 67% of marketing professionals make use of paid search engine marketing to drive their lead generation

Our team helps you understanding the marketing process by initiating and taking the lead in streamlining the paid marketing campaigns, keyword development and strategic tactics. We deliver personalised paid marketing experiences that helps in generating leads, conversions and ultimately boosting your revenue.