Network Penetration Testing or more commonly known as Pen Testing is a test to check the security of an application /system. It is to rule out the vulnerabilities that the system is prone to in case of any strike or attack.

Malicious hackers may gain access to any critical data by cracking into the encryption, firewalls or any other loopholes that may exist in the system.

These tests identify vulnerabilities in operating systems, service weakness, inappropriate system design or perilous end user operation.

Why do Network penetration testing?

It is an assurance that the system will keep all data confidential without comprising its functional objectives.

Along with assessing the vulnerabilities this test also validates the competence of the remedial measures and following of security policies by the end user.

These tests prevent loss of information which inhibit loss of business and prevents loss of trust and money. Pen tests can be carried on for the following:

With our customized and smart planning along with implementation process, we can improve the following areas:

  • External and internal network – real time attacks are simulated to assess the threats and vulnerabilities of your network framework in various stages and points. Risks of privacy, theft and hacking by IoTs which leaves the infrastructure vulnerable to attacks in your security infrastructure are identified and mitigated.
  • Wireless network – based on open source security testing methodology manual and standards of penetration testing execution the threats and weakness of your wireless network framework is assessed.

Why Choose Saffron Tech?

Saffron Tech helps you identify, analyze and stunt the threats and weaknesses which makes your system vulnerable for attacks.

By simulating customized real life strikes, we give you an experience of the current security level of your system and it weak points with a report on the effects of these weakness.

Along with qualified testers we also have experienced hackers in our team to bring out the hidden threat angles from a different perspective.

We help you identify the good and bad security angles in your system and give you remedial action plan to secure your network.

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