Modernizing your application to come at par with best technologies present in today’s business is known as Legacy Migration.

We, at Saffron Tech have expertise and work towards legacy migration with established methodologies and frameworks. We follow a comprehensive manner to migrate legacy applications to modernized system inclusive of data migration, operation redefinition, Enterprise Application Integration apart from the basic technology up gradation.

Legacy Systems have been developed over the years with atrocious investments so an organisation can’t afford to make it redundant due to technological advancements. Legacy Applications contain critical data and good pedigree and it is important to maintain their functionality through the migration procedure.

This is the time when we at Saffron Tech help you assess, plan, define ,migrate and deploy your legacy systems which have embedded in them indispensible knowledge and archival data and re platform them.

Key Benefits

Migration of legacy application is imperative to mitigate risks due to running business critical applications on obsolete platforms.

The migration reduces the cost of obtaining and maintenance of legacy languages and development tools. It also brings down the high cost of maintenance of underlying hardware platforms of the old system.

The challenge of shrinking labour to support the legacy applications is overcome.

It helps bridge the gap between integration of legacy system and other IT systems.

Our Services

Saffron Tech deploys a holistic legacy migration solutions and services to modernized platforms. We carry out the process in the following stages.


  • We carefully evaluate your current system, technology, services and budget to plan your migration as per the business goals.
  • We map the legacy application and identify redundant and troublesome codes and classify all applications in different categories such as obsolete, archival, amalgamation or migration.
  • We draw the roadmap with timelines and cost involved.


  • We lay down the requirements based on the assessment.
  • Keeping the ROI in mind we define the future architecture of the system and the future infrastructure.
  • The code migration steps are defined.


  • The whole process from start to finish of migration is done including gathering of requirements, development, verification, testing and migration.
  • With help of internal tools and open sources the migration of data in carried on.
  • We have seasoned migration experts and latest migration tools to deliver cost effective legacy migration solutions.


  • Our knowledge in open source tools for data migration works out is cost effective and easy to implement.
  • We have an approachable support and maintenance team at your service
  • After migration we test and validate the functionality and evaluate the scalability.
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