With the availability of so many mobile platforms, it makes true business sense to have an application which is compatible with a variety of handheld devices. Enterprise is an intricate mobile application which integrates all platforms used by a particular business. At Saffron Tech, we deliver a powerful, multi-functional enterprise mobility services for mobile app, keeping your objectives in mind.



The Enterprise mobile application platform enables integration of various mobile platforms, users, databases, handheld devices, and networks under one umbrella. It also manages back-end services to other mobile applications and integrates them to the company’s database as well.


Cost Efficiency

This application enables personnel in your companies to access databases and other valuable information from their personal devices. It can be interfaced on all mobile operating systems; the cost of company devices can therefore be considerably reduced by uniformly integrating employees’ personal mobile devices.



The application is developed with adherence to high security standards. A chain of authorization and accessibility checkpoints are infused in the application to prevent misuse of data. A control management system allows the administrator to keep track of access of the application by different users and the types of data allowed to a user. Strict protocols are observed when it comes to protection of enterprise data in terms of handling and deploying, even at our back end.



Enterprise is a two-way beneficial app, accommodating both company and employee. Companies have perpetual access to all employees on this app irrespective of where they are. All reports can be shared by authorized personnel from any device at any time, making turnaround time very swift in terms of CRM workflow. They can access training data, customer data, billings, email marketing, etc. from anywhere, resulting in an efficient workforce.

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