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Saffron Tech renovates and integrates all your software, databases, systems, applications to ensure interoperability and flawless alliance. A veteran in Enterprise application integration, Saffron Tech employs the latest available resources to generate maximum benefit and seamless proficiency.

Why Integrate?

Organisation coherence

Any good business breaks down its processes and systems into smaller, more manageable functionalities in order to utilize the best  technology available for that specific component. Modularisation like this is crucial for success, and ensures swift adaptations will effectively harness growth potential. Enterprise Application Integration is a platform for consolidation of multiple systems, databases, and applications to ensure consistency, interoperability, and maintenance, along with curtailing the cost to the company.

Better Business Deftness

In response to prospective opportunities, a thorough Enterprise Application Integration is swift to implement and scale as required. Unified control across the various processes, systems, and databases with a common link makes recognition and adaptability an easy process.

Time Saving

Innovating, Designing, and Development takes an abundance of resources both in terms of man hours and cost. With the help of Enterprise Application Integration, useful resources are not wasted on redesigning and substitution, and rapid deployment of an updated application can take place. In the event of the replacement of an application due to opting for different brands, no time is lost as business policy and legalities need not be re-implemented.


Information sharing is extremely crucial and measures are taken to prevent hacking and misuse of communication between various business partners across the web. Enriched B2B relationships are fostered with the streamlining of confidential data efficiently across interested parties.

Why Choose Us?

Saffron Tech is qualified and capable of delivering the full cycle of Enterprise Application Integration with continuous guidance to ensure delivery of a robust, synergistic system essential for the growth of your business.

In the Planning stage, we take stock of your existing assets and propose a solution best suited to your objectives. The blueprint of your EAI is prepared after meticulous review of infrastructure bottlenecks, associated risk, and purpose of the app.

Thorough checkpoints are identified at all phases to ensure smooth development of a service-driven app. Rigorous testing is carried out to deliver and maintain a problem–free app in the future.

Be it back-end integration involving creating an amalgamated back-end system for different solutions, or fusing diverging elements of different apps, we integrate the software as per your requirement into your current assets.

All aspects of data integration across varied IT environments within and outside of your business are diligently followed.

Web Integration and API integration is incorporated into your EPI to ensure you reap the maximum benefits from these mediums.


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