Create fun and intuitive learning applications that make a difference.

Saffron Tech helps various educational institutions to provide online learning solutions with a custom software solution for collaborative learning, testing, and evolution. Developed for both web and mobile applications, the e-based learning solutions are created for students, teachers, and parents to keep track of their progress.

Saffron Tech provides a platform for collaborative learning, testing, and evaluation in a cost-effective e-learning module system with mobile responsive technology and content development tools.

We offer the following Online Learning Solutions:

  • Reader Apps
  • Student Performance Management Products
  • Student Lifecycle Management
  • Learning Experience Management Software
  • Quiz Apps

Some of our success stories

Saffron Tech has helped Educational institutions and e-learning enterprises with targeted solutions, such as:

  • Created a mathematics learning application for a leading university in the UK. It was created to assist in branding the University’s Mathematics department and increase enrolment.
  • Designed and developed interactive and intuitive e-learning mobile applications for easy access to courses and modules and effective communication between the students and the tutor.
  • Created an easy-to-use e-learning and skill development portal for an educational firm offering online learning opportunities to students looking for help in Maths and Physics.
  • Built an e-reader hybrid interactive mobile app for students to read and download free and paid versions of the apps.
  • Designed and developed a react native-based easy-to-use mobile app that will help students learn through visual and textual tools for better understanding. The app will also help parents and teachers keep track of their kid’s progress through different panels.

Conquer Excellence

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