Client Overview

The client wanted to develop a mobile app that acted as a service center and would offer maintenance and repair services in different zones according to the client’s preference.

Our Aim

Our aim was to develop a robust mobile application that would offer maintenance services for the elevator, escalator, and dumbwaiter.

The Solution

We developed a highly functional mobile app that is serving as a service center to its customers in order to meet their maintenance or repair-based needs. The frontend of the application is divided into 3 categories are Web admin, Supervisor, and Technician.


As for the backend, there is only one admin – called Super Admin, and has the following functions:

  • Dashboard – Admin can have the statistical and graphical view of the web as well as an app on Dashboard. It provides a preview of the website at glance with access to common Management tasks.
  • User Management – Further divided into three subcategories: Customer Management (where admin can add the customers), Supervisor Management (can manage the supervisor details, track his work, etc.), and Technician Management (can manage their availability in-app, time slots, etc.)
  • PhoneBook Management – Admin can update/view the technicians’ contact details.
  • Job Sites – This option allows the admin to add job sites – company name, address, city, phone, time zone, active (status), action (edit or delete).
  • Product Type – Products are divided into 3 categories are Escalators, Elevators, and Dumbwaiters – these products can be edited or added by the admin.
  • Product Management – This option is an integral part of the app which contains information like Product list,  Job Site, Status, Action (edit or delete) and shows product details like Product Type, Product-Id, Unit, etc., for admin’s use. The admin can modify these details anytime they wish to!
  • Service Management – Options like Service Name/Type – Maintenance, Repair, Shutdown, etc., are shown here. Another interesting factor is that our developers have color-coded the service which means every service is displayed in a different color.
  • Jobs Management – Another important function of the app is Jobs Management. The admin gets to manage the job panel and the interface is the aftermath of the action taken by the customer (when they create the job) and the supervisor (when they assign the job). The admin can access/modify various details like Job reference Id, service, created on, or assign the job, check completed jobs, if the job was billable, etc.
  • Time Sheet – The timesheet shows the amount of time the technician is spending at the job site.

Front End

The front end of the app has an easy interface with elegant designs throughout the screens.

  • Customer Screen

The customer screen contains the following options like phone number, service options, select the product, etc. For eg. If the customer wants to raise a ticket or request a service and if they select the option of Clean Down then they need to fill in the details like Product Id, Additional Information When they’d like the service, etc. This will create the ticket number and a real-time notification will be sent to the supervisor.

  • Supervisor

The supervisor screen is similar to the customer screen but has several different functionalities. One of the most interesting options available in the supervisor interface is the ‘Ping’ option – which is used to know the technician’s location. The supervisor can create jobs and assign them to the technicians based on their availability. Another option available for the supervisor is the ‘Calendar’, where technicians’ availability is displayed along with the work details.

  • Technician

There are three options available on the technician screen –

  1. Job – This is the screen where assigned and completed jobs are displayed along with arrival date and time, work description, the print name for the job, etc.
  2. Home – Updates regarding jobs or services will be displayed on the home screen of the technician.
  3. Profile – Here the technician can manage his profile-based details and modify them whenever required.

Take Away

The application is successfully tending to customers across four different zones in the USA and generating revenue for our client. It is unlike any other application that provides the same services and the easy interface is a plus point.