The job search portal is the ultimate platform to connect job searchers and job providers to meet their respective goals. With time these platforms have incorporated internships and entry-level jobs to groom the freshers before they start their professional journey in the corporate world.


Our client with the largest professional network in Dubai wanted to develop an online platform that provides its users with personalized job opportunities. This platform would help users effectively in their job search through specialized filters and exceptional qualifying processes.


  • Our specialized teams held many thorough discussion sessions with our clients to grasp the idea of our client comprehensively. The team jotted down each and every feature and specification that our client intended to be integrated on the platform.
  • We then kickstarted the project with wireframing followed by subsequent website design and layout approvals.
  • The designing phase culminated with the beginning of the development of the website. As the client wanted to be filtered and specialized features for the website users we used the core technological modules to develop interactive and resourceful web pages for our client.
  • During the development phase, the client’s growing database of video resumes was effectively integrated on the platform. The development phase was carried out in collaboration with our content team and the website was ready for QA and Testing by the end of the development phase.
  • With the successful testing of the website, we were ready to go live.

The Results

With its useful features and well-structured layout, the website is getting an excellent response from its target audience. The website is churning out a lot of traffic for our clients and also serving its purpose of being an ideal internship search platform where job providers and searchers help each other’s cause.


Today’s age is dominated by inquisitive and out-of-the-box ideas. You must not wait for the validation of your ideas. You must act upon it and avail the technologies to turn your unique idea into a profitable business venture.