Client Overview

The client approached Saffron Tech for developing a ‘Social Distancing Monitoring System’ for their workspace so that their employees adhere to the social distancing guidelines. Since Saffron Tech has years of practical experience in delivering such solutions to various businesses across the globe, we were able to develop a system that catered to the needs of our clients perfectly.

The AI-powered, Machine Learning based systems developed by us can recognize employees and their body postures in any video footage or image. This helped our client to analyze some real-time visuals from the video footage and detect social distancing violations in their workspace.


If there are multiple violations, the company’s management can send notifications to its staff. Moreover, these violations can be recorded and accessed very easily in video footage in real-time.

Through this Social Distancing Monitoring System, Saffron Tech has helped them in maintaining essential safety protocols like social distancing which would, in turn, ensure the safety of all workplace employees in their company.


The sole purpose of this project was to provide a real-time Social Distancing Monitoring System to our client so that the administrative authorities of the company can easily monitor whether the staff members are following the social distancing guidelines or not. This system can help the company rapidly reducing the spread of COVID-19.

The Social Distancing Monitoring System is capable of detecting the presence of employees inside a room or a hall and organizes the acquired images in a storage service. It can also store big databases containing diverse images of certain areas and workers.

Solution Offered

Saffron Tech proposed a Social Distancing Monitoring System that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This system can be used for monitoring the employees, whether they are following the social distancing guidelines or not.

This Social Distancing Monitoring System will help the company in maintaining essential health safety protocols like social distancing which would, in turn, ensure the safety of all workplace employees in their workplace.

Technology Used

Python Language – Saffron Tech used ‘Python code’ as it is well-suited for A.I. because Python makes the construction of AI models much simpler. It brings a broad choice of systems and libraries; it has also been used by popular brands like LensKart. It can perform an array of complex AI errands and help in constructing AI models at a rapid speed.

Deep Learning Frameworks – Python exhibits a diverse arrangement of libraries for computer reasoning and Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, for deep framework learning, Saffron Tech used Pytorch, Tensorflow, and Keras to base the feature.

Numerical Computation – We used NumPy for boosting information examination and for establishing optimum logical registering. We also used Pandas for information examination. The combination of NumPy and Pandas enabled us to bring our clients the ultimate structure they required.

Machine Learning – For the Machine Learning pipeline, we used sci-kit-learn, a learning library for Python Language which offered various dynamic tools for machine learning such as regression, classification, clustering, and more.

Image Processing – We operated image processing with OpenCV or Open Source Computer Vision Library because it provides more than 2500+ optimized algorithms. Skimage for image pre-processing. We also used PIL, to provide image editing functionalities.

DevOps – We used DevOps with Docker because it makes load balancing simpler with pre-installed service concepts, AWS for Cloud Formation and service integration, and GCP or Google Cloud Platform.


The Social Distancing Monitoring System created by us for the client can be used to detect on-ground staff members as well. It can provide real-time visuals of the human presence directly to the admin.

With Saffron Tech’s Social Distancing Monitoring System, the company can encourage its employees to work from the office. Our client can also spot places that are prone to witness more crowds and take appropriate measures.