Clear2Close is an online web portal of Michael Ninomiya where users can apply to avail of quick house mortgage loans. Michael Ninomiya has a combined experience of 31 years in the financial sector and has worked as an Assistant Vice President of the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage division.
The sole aim of his initiative of Clear2Close is to revolutionize the way people apply for house mortgage loans by providing an easy online portal. Traditionally, getting a house mortgage loan has always been a time-consuming and cumbersome process involving a lot of documents and frequent meetings with a loan officer, Clear2Close wants to change all that and more.
The services they provide also include social media and other promotions of owners selling their houses listed on the platform and they also provide a Realtor Business Enhancing program where real estate agents can join and get leads at random.
Michael came to us with a request to create a website that can showcase all their services in the best light and build an easy-to-navigate web portal within the website where users can easily submit their loan applications. Here’s how we worked our development magic –


  • Since we were building the website from scratch, we had to design the entire website from the ground up taking care of all the vitals. We chose a niche WordPress theme of their industry and customized it according to the Clear2Close logo and branding. We had to make sure the chosen theme had all the necessary design elements in place to efficiently display all the services they provide with compelling images.
  • A website is worthless if it doesn’t provide a stellar user experience. We made sure the services they provide is easily navigable and understandable on their website by placing it prominently in the header, home page banner (with the help of a CTA) and wrote a brief summary about their services on the homepage itself with clear CTA’s to go to their respective service pages if a visitor wants to know more about their services.
  • Designing the loan application web portal for Clear2Close is what got us excited about the project in the first place. We had to design a portal where prospects can easily submit their loan applications and had to streamline and simplify this long process to its limit, keeping the friction level of users at a minimum. And that’s exactly what we did!