Saffron Tech hosted its much-awaited Q3 Town Hall Summit this evening to discuss the achievements and opportunities that it rightly deserves to accomplish in the next quarter of this year. With a backing of eight successful years to support its already strong presence in the competitive industry of internet marketing, Saffron Tech managed to delight its employees and other participants by running through the major avenues the company conquered in the last quarter of the financial year.

Bringing in the fact that internet marketing has undergone drastic changes, both in principles and in practice, Gaurav Sabharwal, one of the Managing Directors of Saffron Tech, enthralled the audience by explaining how our company can deliver as per expectations so that the clients realize the value of our association with them. Underlining a bunch of long-term initiatives, he informed the participants about how the company can create a win-win situation during client interactions.

The second-half of the conference focused on describing the challenges faced in achieving the desired goals in business contexts. Explaining the technicalities of how internet marketing methods have changed, Vibhu Satpaul, the Managing Director of Saffron Tech, tried to explore the various facets where the company needs to push a bit further. A close observer of the trends that govern inbound marketing, Vibhu was able to articulate the essential shifts that the market has undergone and shared his insights with the enthusiastic audience.

He also emphasized on how Saffron Tech has been able to retain its business reputation in both local and global levels. However, as Vibhu rightly recalled Steve Job’s famous quote, “ Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected”, the aim is not to be a good player in what the digital marketing world expects, but to raise its standards and excel with every click in time.

This conference served three major motives:

  • It explained the progress that Saffron Tech has made during the last few months in particular and described the future goals to achieve so as to sustain at a promising level in the market.
  • Highlighted the challenges and barriers and how as a company, Saffron Tech can overcome them during the next quarter
  • Boosted the employee’s morale as a team of dedicated, smart-working internet marketing winners that have immense potentials to impress the market by the quality of service Saffron Tech is known for.

A Q&A session followed shortly after the presentation, and that was how this event reached its end.

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