According to stats published by Business Insider, around 74% of the online US buyers always visit at least two to three retail websites before finally making a purchase, and around 16% of buyers visit more than 4 websites before actually making a purchase. If you go through the global ecosystem of buyers, you will realize that this is really a big number and because of such stats, the interest of firms from all around the world in new marketing strategies like performance marketing is increasing.

In layman language, performance marketing is simply based on performance and covers a myriad of executed desired results such as booking, download, sales, leads, and much more. We can simply say that performance marketing is basically brand marketing and paid advertising put together but paid for after the action takes place.

In the modern era, no online firm has the stomach for sticking with traditional marketing techniques as the digital platforms keep on evolving. This is one of the main reasons why plainly relying on performance marketing will not be enough, to step up to the plate, you will have to keep tabs on the latest trends of this fruitful field.

So, here we have for you a list of the top performance marketing trends for 2021-

Account structure assessment

The Google Ads account structure assessment is one of the most talked-about performance marketing trends that you simply can’t ignore. By structuring your Google Ads account, you will have full control of how your ads will be triggered and you will also have the power to control when and where your ads will appear.

A well-structured Google Ads account will always make sure that the searches that are triggering the ads are completely relevant to the target market and that it results in a better quality score. In addition to this, a well-structured account will also allow you to easily optimize and stay organized. So always make sure that your Google Ads account is properly structured to get palpable results.

Keyword strategy review

It doesn’t matter whether your keyword strategy is streamlining your SEO strategy or failing you, you will need to review it regularly to keep it relevant. A good keyword strategy will contain all the decisions based on your findings in the keyword research stage.

During keyword research, you need to analyze which of your chosen keywords are performing well and which ones need to be removed from the priority list. The keyword strategy review will help you to come up with the results of the searches that are currently being made by your audience. For example, if you will optimize your keyword strategy on the stats that 70.87% of keywords with 10,000 monthly searches contain only two words then you will be able to get better results.

Query mapping analysis

Query mapping is basically the filtering process of search queries to know which type of keyword queries and ad groups are being paired with and adding negatives for making sure that all the queries are being matched in the best possible way.

If you are looking forward to analyzing the performance of your PPC account then considering query mapping will be the best approach. It will give you a detailed analysis of the total spending of all your keywords according to their performance and ad groups.

It’s true that this tactic is not a new thing but it has been underutilized and that’s why you should consider it without any second thoughts. By using query mapping, you can stop your PPC account from eating up your valuable money.

Negative keyword review

Negative keywords stop your ads from being triggered by a particular word or phrase. You can start using negative keywords if you are sure that your online ads are not showing up for a particular set of words. This simply means that by restricting your ads from popping up in irrelevant searches, you will be saving money and allowing your ads to appear on more relevant searches. This is one of the main reasons why negative keyword review is among the top performance marketing trends for 2021.

For example, if you add ‘free’ in the negative keyword section of your comment, then you are basically telling Google not to make your ads appear in any type of search that contains the word ‘free’.

Image ad analysis

You must have heard the old quote ‘a picture contains thousands of words’. Well, the same is still relevant in the digital age. The type of image you choose for your online ads can make or break your dream of making the ad campaign a hit. This is one of the most important reasons as per 32% of marketers that say- images are the most important form of content for their firm.

You will need to avoid overused stock images to stand out from the crowd and you will also need to make sure that the quality of your image is good for all the devices. The main motive behind using image-based ads is to communicate with your audience through pictures.

Bidding method assessment

You need to ensure that you have chosen an ideal Google Ads bidding type and using a solid strategy for adjusting the bids if you are really interested in bringing down the ads price. There are many types of bidding available on Google like Target CPA, Target ROAS, Manual CPC Building, Maximize Clicks, etc. and choosing the right one can get tricky.

If you really want to pick the right bidding type then assessing your goals will be a much better approach. Choosing the right bidding type depends on whether you want to increase your website traffic, increase brand awareness, or do anything else.

Mobile App acquisition analysis

With 2.8 million Android apps and with 2.2 million apps on the Apple store, the biggest challenge for companies is mobile app user acquisition. When a user gets on board, you will have plenty of data to work with like engagement, daily session, retention, lifetime value, and much more for analyzing the success. And the same data can be used to improve your mobile app user acquisition strategy.

To build a good acquisition strategy, you will need to know the types of mobile apps your users find enticing. This analysis may also include the type of mobile devices used by your audience.

Bid optimization study

Bid optimization might consume a bit of attention and time but it is also an important part of the Google Ads account optimization strategy. From building the right budget to deciding whether to focus on clicks, impressions, or conversions, there are many things that you will need to consider while optimizing bids.

You can also improve your ROI through your bidding by using bid stacking, third party tools like WordStream, or you can also opt for a more flexible bidding strategy.

Media placement analysis

If your company can’t afford to put your ads during the super bowl (30-second ad price was 4.5 million dollars), then you 0surely need a better media placement strategy. And the key to better media placement strategy lies in answering fundamental questions like ‘Who is your current audience and how can you reach them?’ But there is no universal answer to these questions as it all depends on your product, industry, and service.

In addition to this, you will also have to go through the strength and weaknesses of the advertising mediums that you are considering on the bid for usage.

Ad formatting analysis

Ad formats are basically visual enhancements that show information about your business in a more prompt way like the website’s domain appearing in the headline or business phone number coming up on the top. With the help of these enhancements, you can easily incorporate additional content from your website and that’s why ad formatting analyzing is necessary.

One of the most common types of ad formats is ad extensions and it includes extensions like site link or location extensions.

Conversion analysis

Keeping tabs on how many leads you have generated through your ads will only give you one side of the success of your ad campaign as the other side will depend on how many people have gone through the sales funnel and finally converted. This is why conversion analysis is among one of the top performance marketing trends for 2021.

If you have complete knowledge about the conversion rate, you will have a better picture of the success of your ad campaigns.

If you want to be able to measure all your marketing results and get them fast, then the one thing that you will need to incorporate in your firm is performance marketing. To achieve all the goals of your firm, it is necessary to build all your marketing plans strategically, choose ideal ad platforms, optimize goals, choose the right ad format and be specific with your targeting approach. If you keep tabs on all the performance marketing trends as mentioned above, 2021 will turn out to be the best year for your marketing efforts. Now, if you are looking for a team of dedicated tech experts to help you scale your business, connect with us now!

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