Saffron Tech has always encouraged team building and celebrated relationships of all kinds. On the occasion of Friendship Day (August 2nd), the entire saffron team congregated to celebrate the occasion with a variety of engaging activities and events.

The event itinerary included: Music and Dance mash-ups, Refreshments, present exchange, and employee expression – a platform where each member of the Saffron Family stood up and expressed their thoughts on the relationships they have created so far within the work environment and how it is beneficial for a healthy growth.


In the present exchange event, each member had brought a gift. They had to to pick a single chit from a ruffle bowl that contained the names of every member present on the floor. Whosoever name appeared on the selected chit, were to to be presented with the gift by the selector. This activity engaged and entertained everyone on the floor and served as icng on the cake.


With happy faces all around and musical galore, Saffronians celebrated Friendship day in full glory.

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