When an organization strives to be the best, it needs to ensure a comfortable and positive work environment for the employees who work there. Over the years, the HR has introduced different kinds of activities and engagement programs for Saffron members. This time, our Managing Directors took the initiative to introduce monthly Business Dinner for the Team Leads as well as different positive thinking seminars for every employee.

Each team was taken separately to different Restaurants for Dinner. During the dinner, amidst casual chit-chat, a lot of productive ideas were discussed which would enhance and improve the company. It is believed that people tend to be more productive when motivated and are in a comfortable environment.

That is exactly what these dinners succeeded in doing. It created a platform where people were at ease and shared their ideas (both good and bad) freely with the MDs. Every idea was constructively discussed and debated.

During the Positive Thinking seminars, a lot of renowned speakers were invited who are exceptional at corporate speaking and training. While, we may not realize in our day to day lives, how the work stress creates a weight and pressure on the employees, but during these seminars, a lot of clarity is acquired and one feels compelled to get back on the floor and start working with renewed vigor and energy.

This is the Saffron Secret to being a Leading IT and Digital Marketing Solutions company.

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