Marketing automation – a new buzzword for marketers, a reality for Saffron Tech! We provide you with adequate tools to automate your marketing process allowing you to save your time and efforts.

The process of automation is not restricted to garnering results for your marketing efforts; it has now evolved into a complete system that can manage your entire campaign right from the start. Automation enables your marketing and sales teams to focus on the core operations rather than spend time on menial tasks. Automation tools help you analyze your audience and their requirements to help define the structure of your marketing campaigns and sales funnel. Saffron employs several automation tools to track interactions and based on that score the engagement. This score, in turn, allows the marketer to determine the segment of the consumer and helps them personalize their messaging.

Components of marketing automation

Saffron utilizes the below-mentioned components of automation to help you optimize your marketing efforts.

Visitor tracking

Track visitors on the website and record their movements as to the pages they visited, time spent on each page, and their web pattern.

Content tracking

Use auto-generated URLs that help track the content on your website.

Visitor tracking

Track visitors on the website and record their movements as to the pages they visited, time spent on each page, and their web pattern.

Lead scoring

Score or grade all leads based on predetermined demographics which are calculated depending upon the niche of the product or service.

Lead nurturing

Help in putting across the right message for all leads in a personalized manner and contribute towards conversions.

Landing pages

Build customized landing pages that can not only help shorten forms but also progressively profile the customers.

Closed-loop reporting

Sync data automatically between CRM and marketing automation systems to boost campaign efficiency.

Automation with Saffron

Specify criteria

Saffron believes that the best way to utilize automation is to specify certain criteria and process the task based on the outcome. The criteria can be personalized as per the requirements of the marketers and filtered through the automation software to score leads. These leads are then processed through CRM software and passed over to the sales teams.

Leverage cookies

Cookies installed in the visitor’s web browser are the optimal tool for tracking their web actions. Saffron makes the best of cookies by gaining insight into their web patterns and build scores that help marketers determine the quality of the lead.

Use forms

We use forms to collect data and contact information from the leads and set up a unique qualifying method to place the leads in their respective buckets. The initial data that is collected not only helps us in positioning the lead but also provides us with insights into their preferences; thus, increasing the conversion rate.


Saffron promotes an adequate mix of inbound and outbound leads to build an efficient channel of scoring leads. We enable marketers to understand the leads that are ready for sales and help nurture those that are lagging behind in the trail.

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