Smart Logistics

Tracking large amount of items with RFID tags has enabled complete automation. We help in data management along with developing generation of smart supply chain on IoT basis.The widespread adoption of item level tagging will pave way for IoT driven smart inventory management.

SaffronTech perform real time tracking by reading latitude/longitude, collecting data and transmitting them via an HTTPS request to Cloud/ Web server.
We offer hardware agnostic IoT architecture to connect various assets such as sensors, equipments, containers, employees and vehicles to consolidate diverse business unit, making it easy to track and manage.

We offer

  • Smart Labels
  • Predictive Support and Maintenance
  • Storage Conditions Control
  • Monitoring Cargo Integrity
  • Real Time Fleet Management
  • Optimize warehouse workloads
  • Complete visibility
  • Tracking and Analyzing Inventory

A large number of companies with different niche are bothered by the complexities of reducing core management charges for faster ROI. By utilizing components of IoT enables them higher operational efficiency in regard to cargo integrity monitoring, fleet management and automated warehousing operations.

SaffronTech offers full fledged IoT powered mangement solutions regardless of business scale. Our fleet management capabilities enables visibility into location, technical condition and productivity of every vehicle.


  • Unify view of machines, equipment and vehicles across all locations
  • Gather and analyze vehicle telematics for better performance
  • Track and optimize workloads, traffic, parking and delivery schedule
  • Sensor based predictive maintenance for vehicles.
  • Reduce Asset loss
  • Implement repair and maintenance solutions
  • Complete visibility into comparative analytics and cost delivery
  • Managing equipment firmware
  • Ensure temperature stability
  • Monitor traffic conditions to optimize fleet routes to save fuels cost
  • Wearable applications and fatigue detection system to strengthen driver’s safety

Run the supply chain with ease by connecting the unconnected!