Smart Healthcare

SaffronTech leverage open source IoT platform allows healthcare system integrators and OEMs to create cross-device connectivity along with applying smart features into software and devices. We translate open source into scalability, verifiable reliability and full ownership solutions.

IoT enables abundance life giving opportunities, of which SaffronTech provides you access with the most incredible ones. We help you sent data to Cloud for permanent storage or can be visualized in real time by transferring data directly to Smartphone or laptop. We offer our clients with set features which includes remote patient monitoring and clinical telemedicine. The final product is integrating with the single EMR solution.

We offer:

  • Automated Device to analyze flow of data
  • Manage numerous devices virtually
  • Data Analytics Applications for patients and clinicians
  • Remote monitoring of patient’s health
  • Managing Hospital Assets
  • Data security with HIPAA- compliant
  • Configuration and Tuning of Remote Devices
  • Predictive Device Maintenance

Our Approach

  • We understand your processes and compliance requirements
  • Learn about legacy systems, infrastructure, data flows across various departments
  • Identifying processes which can be automated and improved with IoT
  • We offer list of sensors and hardware requirements together with software systems.
  • We create roadmap showing how to keep data security and existing compliance intact with new system.

Our Smart Solution Includes:

  • Sensors collected patient’s data
  • Gateway for transmitting data
  • Cloud computing for data storage, processing and analyzing
  • Mobile and Web applications for patients and caregivers


  • Connect portable devices and wearable to the cloud to analyze and pull collected patient data.
  • Monitor patients at home with audio streaming and live video.
  • Monitor and analyze vital healthcare indicators collected through various portable devices like tablets and smartphones.
  • Set notification for intelligent emergency to family or physician
  • Diagram and charts visualization depend on collected data from various health monitoring devices.
  • Data exchange and HIPAA compliant authorization.