Smart Energy

Our open source IoT platform offers essential IoT functional blocks that makes speedy and seamless accumulation of smart energy. Different smart metering devices, sensors, electric grid assets, controllers and smart energy monitors are managed in real time with single secured connection. We provide open APIs along with broad spectrum of hardware that can handle large scale deployments during peak loads.

We offer

  • Fault Detection
  • Smart Metering solution
  • Smart Lighting
  • QoS Data Analytics and Collection
  • Smart appliances
  • Managing Smart building Energy
  • Monitoring Smart Grid Asset
  • Maintenance of Remote Infrastructure

Public power energy companies helps to drive success economic growth and development for the world. With the increase in energy requirements, challenges and consumer expectations are rising too.

Energy organizations can connect with challenges with new advances of technology which includes IoT solutions. SaffronEdge IoT solutions can securely leverage sensors, digital controls, meters and analytics to manage flow of information and energy.


  • Collecting and managing data with ease from various connected assets, sensor and existing enterprise systems to expedite data reporting, gathering and regulatory compliance
  • Development environment with drag and drop mashup builder.
  • Utilizing analytics and data to get recommendations and insight for better decisions and cost reductions, which means predictive maintenance and energy savings.
  • Provide managers and operators role to receive alert notifications to take appropriate actions across relevant networks.