Smart Agriculture

Smart farming is gaining ground on this prolific build up with complete visibility into crop health, soil, machinery, energy consumption level and storage condition. The water shortage, limited land availability, cost difficulty along with meeting the requirement of global population poses a threat to agriculture sector. The IoT is transforming agricultural industry and helping farmers to combat enormous challenges.

SaffronTech enables aligned production process with tracking system. Different kinds of applications can be created after gathering data from various sources in order to guarantee product quality. We build and sell agriculture IoT equipments and applications to ad value for customers and farmers.

We create smart farming system by connecting different sensors, framing facilities and connecting devices resulting in streamlining development process. Our open source platform is feature rich and grants full access to modules for necessary extensions, modification and integrations. We deliver smart and powerful IoT solutions for smart agriculture within fraction of time.

We offer:

  • Monitoring Remote Equipment
  • Sensor-based field
  • Predictive analytics for livestock and crops
  • Monitoring Remote Crop
  • Monitoring and Forecasting Climate
  • Smart logistics
  • Stats on produced and feeding of Livestock

How we can help you:

  • Collect and manage data from connected equipment, cloud services, sensore and existing systems.
  • Aid your decision making with new recommendations and insights through big analytics and data.
  • Bring new innovative IoT applications with 10 times more speed than the other approaches by leveraging rapid application development environment and drop the mashup builder.