The core of digital transformation is mobility. Mobile devices have now transformed by moving on to changing the way of doing business, mobilizing enterprise applications and driving innovation. It allow enterprises to leverage real time and contextual data so that you could better reach out to your employees, partners and customers anywhere at anytime.

Our mobility solutions are designed to set mobile strategy, elevate innovative solutions and seamlessly integrate mobile into the current workplace.

  • We provide enterprises with faster communication, increased ROI and improved efficiency by capitalizing on mobile productivity opportunities to deliver enterprise apps. We enable you to streamline, integrate and mobilize the business processes on any platform as well as device by delivering you cost effective and flexible solutions.
  • By creating engaging consumer apps, we help you in improving the communication and driving the sales. Through our amazing applications, your customers get to experience a personalized environment of mobile that improves the level of customer integrity and satisfaction.

Reasons To Go “Mobile”

  • Enterprises that connect apps to backend systems are about 93%
  • Approximately 7.8 is basically the average number of apps that are launched by a person on daily basis
  • Approximately 70% of enterprises are either deploying or interested in deploying mobile apps
  • On an average, the time spent by people using mobile apps on a daily basis is 126’
  • Around 72% of enterprises rate ‘increase in efficiency’ as a main mobile benefit

Explore Mobility Benefits with Saffron Tech

  • All round access to key performance metrics that allows on-demand access to your service.
  • It provides enhanced staff and customer engagement.
  • Improved customer satisfaction as well as organizational culture
  • Increase in sales and reduction in operating costs
  • Sales force and field enablement and further enhanced brand value