Saffron Tech’s methodology promotes results driven by streamlined approach for time sheet management system. Our experts have refined and flexible business processes for website development project, irrespective of complexity and size. We focus on building quality into your application and product at any stage of the project.

We meet our clients unique requirements through high quality results and accelerated development schedules.


Our Basic Approach

Planning Phase

Our planning phase begin with understanding your business challenges, audience, brand, objectives and unique requirements. We interact with our clients to know their business inside and out. This is followed by qualitative analysis and research of your business and competition. This phase comprised of the following steps:

  • We gather all the business requirements through mail or call. We put expertize and intelligent strategies together to identify problematic areas.
  • Define scope of your work.
  • Reallocate resources for the assigned project on a workload chart.
  • Prepare wireframe with defined timelines in Gantt Chart.
  • All the allocated team members are introduced either through face to face meeting or phone call, prior to project kickoff.
  • We set up all project management tools. Our project activities are mainly done through platform.

Design Phase

We design page layouts and graphics integrated with your brand. We build separate high/low level design for apps and mobile browsers, keeping user experience as the top priority.

  • We design pages based on requirement specification.
  • Our designers prepare wireframe build on Adobe Photoshop and share the mockups on invisionapp.
  • The final stage in the process is HTMLizatin in which we slice approved graphic designs to HTML prototypes. These HTML are further uploaded on development server.

Development Phase

After completing design of each distinct page, we proceed to development phase. In this stage, our development team translate design into codes. The time invested on this phase entirely depends upon the scope of assigned project. Our developers and project managers answer all your queries and keep you in the loop.

We satisfy all your customized demands by inculcating these steps in our development phase.

  • Our full fledged team members set up IDE and database environment.
  • Our project managers maintain a regular flow of communication through Emails and IM intelly tools.
  • Our developers perform spring testing to test modules and fix bugs by leveraging Bugnet tool. We conduct this test twice for glitches and bugs on various devices, platforms and browsers.
  • Our team uploads all the completed work and demonstrate milestone release.

Testing Phase

In this process we conduct final review where the entire website is put to test. Our testing services adhere to industry standards and highest security levels. We leverage flexible team and testing labs to test website on various platforms and across wide range of devices. These test are conducted to check performance and stability.

  • Functionality testing to check conditions, forms, calculations and Triggers.
  • Basic Testing for UI/UX, browser compatibility and responsive.
  • Beta Test Launch before launching the website on live environment.
  • Performance Testing to optimize site and improve speed using google speed test, minify tools and gtmatrix.
  • We support website and fix bugs for an entire month, post launch. We offer enhancement services and continuous support to improve your website and make it run smoothly.
  • Finally we sign off and move the project from the floor.


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