Effective selling! Made Easy!
Saffron Tech CRM tools is an easy and simple tool to keep sales team organized.


Our Product:

We believe that controlling actions that can drive best deals towards completion is crucial. Our CRM product offers effective solution providing complete visibility to take right action at right time.

Best Feature:

  • Complete Visibility
  • Fill all the cracks to save every deal
  • Boost Productivity
  • Create Reliable Records
  • Optimize Sales Process

Complete Visibilty

Depth reporting and pipeline views offer complete predictability to get an insight into the business. Our CRM tool help businesses forecast their future with relevant features such as sales reporting, pipeline management and sales forecasting.

Fill all the cracks

This feature helps in maintaining follow up thread. Our CRM tools will notify you with the rotting deal reminders to invite actions on those. We have relevant features like Activities, Mobile Apps and Email Integration. Our CRM tool can update your profile, check work history details and can update the status of the leads along with Reminder/Notifications for Tasks.

Boost Productivity

We possess email sync features to save your time. Our range of integrations act as steroids to boost your process such as mobile apps allowing you to close deals anytime, anywhere.

Reliable Records

We have import/export feature to create safeguard against any human mistake. Our tool can add notes/files/company details/contact details automatically. All the leads can be added manually along with marking their status like Lost/Won/Hold. We are making your business easy with our open API, web forms, data creating and capturing.

Optimizing Sales Process

With our CRM software,you can streamline your sales process. Prepare a customized plan with our reporting suite. Sales process becomes successful when team implements it, which means the more simple it is, the better they will execute.

We have relevant features such as, customization, products, pipeline management and sales reporting. If this is not enough, then we have a system where Higher Management can get the complete reports (automatic report generated by software) on daily basis and it will contain the details of number of leads followed by each person in a daily/weekly/monthly.

Why us?

Customized to all

Our CRM tool is customized for every business niche and will offer you complete clarity wherever your require. Without any restrictions, our tool is intuitive and easy to use.

Complete clarity

Our software has categorized sales stages, allowing sales team to grab a clear understanding of sales priorities and momentum together with focusing on their efforts accordingly.

Easy Navigation

You can apply relevant filters to make your navigation process easier to find statistics that you require. Personalized analysis and in-depth access of sales pipeline can be presented within seconds.

Intuitive and always available

Contact, deals, activities can be added to your pipeline easily. Our visual layout will offer you with complete visibility anytime, anywhere.


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