SaffronTech’s integrated approach gives you complete functionality to help you deliver outstanding experience to the customer. Our experts with innovative technology helps in brand awareness and demand generation to drive quality result and standing out from rest of the competition.

Get the best result, from possessing to promoting!

1. Attract Customers

We leverage inbound tools for driving traffic to the website. We run regular SEO audits on landing and web pages for improved organic search ranking, run AdWords programs and schedule social promotions to attract customers. We work towards
Increasing brand awareness

  • Influencing brand perception
  • Making more inbound links
  • Blistering SEO efforts
  • Generating qualified leads
  • Keeping sales funnel filled

2. Converting visitors into sales lead

Our professionals create lead capture forms to convert website traffic into leads. We create seamless integration of all major aspect of CRMs which flow the lead into the hands of sales department for follow up. We create fast and easy forms, build lead profiles send all the captured data into CRM database.

3. Prioritizing sales lead

SaffronTech helps you rank individuals on the basis of their engagement and profile characteristics. Our integrated tools help you target the hottest leads primarily to close more sales.

4. Nurturing leads

Educating on relevant resources and content helps in forging long lasting relations with customers. We keep your brand on the forefront of the potential buyers to build the trust with time. We possess tools like powerful email engine, automated email programs, CRM integration and funnel reports.

5. Advanced targeting

Fuel your sale activity by targeting the right customers with advanced segmentation features. This helps in targeting customers on the basis of previous behaviour and profile characteristics.

Our Services

1. Lead Management

Our experts help you attract and nurture customers with personalized campaigns.

2. Consumer Marketing

Our professionals help you acquire right customers across various channels to build lifetime value.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing help you engage your buyer by responding individually to them. We help you forge long term relationships by keeping email conversations at scale.

4. Mobile Marketing

Our experts weave mobile experiences in the campaigns for forging deeper relationships. We deliver cross channel and relevant experiences from a unified platform.

5. Customer Base Marketing

We help you deepen customer relationship across channels with customer base marketing solutions.


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