Know the Management

Management is all about perfecting the art of balancing Leadership,Innovations and Man-management

Know the Management

Innovation inspires us, technology guides us, and challenges are what we thrive on

Involved with evolving business opportunities since childhood, Gaurav has been a part of the technology world for over 10 years, successfully setting up various ventures and brands to be handled by professional management.

After graduating from the Stern School of Business, New York University and handling business development for a reputed firm in New York for three years, Gaurav ventured into IT to pursue and consummate his passion for technology. Gaurav co-founded three main brands under Saffron Tech, namely IT Chimes, Search Eccentric and Moability, and aspires to keep building and growing as a team through effective use of technology, management and business acumen. With an infectious drive for innovation and spearheading the sales and client relationship management, Saffron Tech has achieved unprecedented growth and high impact results for both retail and partner clients.

Leaders create systems that others follow. I believe in transformation and giving that power to the core team members

Vibhu is an avid believer in transforming contemporary systems and paving the way for new futuristic technologies that have paradigm shifting attributes. He heads the technical teams and keeps the entire organization in order.

A graduate in Information Systems and Softwares from the London School of Economics (LSE), Vibhu loves sharing his technical acumen with the world and believes in implementing KPI-based resource and performance evaluation systems. He coordinates major company operations in Technology and Digital Marketing, and presently his focus is towards creating products for Internet Marketing, Project Management and Human Resource domains. He has also been responsible for creating different systems within Saffron Tech and setting up its long term vision of a SaaS-based infrastructure. Prior to his current role, Vibhu had worked in few startups and was highly successful in establishing them as good business ventures.



Specializing in online customer experiences & brand development, we combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver user-first digital solutions on a worldwide scale.

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