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We appreciate Revenue; but we cherish building Relations even more

What we do

Technology inspires us, and people with acute business vision motivate us

At Saffron Tech, we are looking for passionate minds with the determination to do what it takes to attain success. Our job is to incubate, mentor and support budding startups and entrepreneurs with our world-class technology resource pool, and the business knowledge we have acquired in the last decade of being in the technology business.

We believe in investing in technology, and assist promising companies with everything they need for that perfect success recipe. As your technology partners, we provide you access to the best IT infrastructure and league of tech pundits as your mentors, besides operational guidance, capital and infrastructural support.

Our Partnership Criteria

We invest our technology and business acumen in promising startups with great sprouting ideas, and assist them throughout their seed and venture funding stages. However, our partner selection criterion comes trimmed with few imperative prerequisites.

Team with a gritty mindset

Team with a gritty mindset

Ideas with paradigm shifting potential need an equally resilient team backing their premise, which is why we sponsor people with the willpower to achieve the impossible.

Concrete idea and action plan

Concrete idea and action plan

We support compelling ideas with a meticulous action plan. Our strategists appreciate proposals replete with crucial project details.

Well defined success roadmap

Well defined success roadmap

Most of our current alliances started out with mere admiration – authenticity and uniqueness of the business idea followed by our partners.

Collaborative attitude

Collaborative attitude

We work closely with the partners and discuss the roadmap for success. Our technology experts share the entire project strategy.

How to Partner

When you partner with us, you become a part of the Saffron Tech family

We have worked with some exceptional individuals over the years, and as family members, we continue to mentor, support and nurture those prospering relationships.

Getting a brilliant business idea off the ground isn’t easy, and we had to learn that ourselves when we started out our journey barefoot. Putting high-potential startups in the mainstream and watching them achieve big success, motivates us. We leverage our technical and business insights to act as a growth catalyst for worthy individuals and spirited companies, such that they reach the heights they deserve.

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