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Case Study: Hygie


Hygie offers a full range of body fluid management systems by capturing and removing all contaminants directly at the source.

They believe that the mismanagement of excreta is the biggest contaminant and greatest challenge to the healthcare system. So, they created their own line of hygienic absorbent liners and single patient supports to capture excreta at the source and effectively eliminate environmental contaminants around the patient.

Today, hygie’s solutions are used everyday in more than 800 institutions in Canada and continues to gain global appeal in several countries, including the United States, France, Japan, Malaysia and The Netherlands.

After gaining such exposure, they thought it was about time to revamp their old website and seeked our expertise.


  • Their website was in two languages: Chinese & English. It needed to be redesigned for both and working on the website alignments with the Chinese language was no walk in the park.

  • Redesigning the inner pages to give it an impressive user interface that catches attention easy.

  • Content alignment as per the client’s services, and relevant webpages.


  • Designed an entirely new theme for the website that went well with the industry niche they served.

  • On client’s request, placed a contact form on the website from where visitors can easily submit their queries about the various fluid management products offered by them.

  • Worked on and fixed all the content errors on it’s inner webpages and made sure it was perfectly aligned.
  • Improved the overall SEO structure of the website by filling missed meta and image tags on all its web pages to help increase traffic.

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